VASS (Vietnamese American School System) is the only school system in Vietnam that provides the training programs of the Ministry of Education and Training in parallel with those of Cambridge University. These programmes help students to gain a wider knowledge and to use English confidently and fluently in many areas in

With a strong track record in the teaching field at all levels: Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary - VASS gives high consideration to teaching the Vietnamese program with advanced teaching methodology, and at the same time, combines teaching subjects through English with 100% qualified and experienced foreign teachers.

At VASS, we pay attention to building trust with the best quality education for students. Parents trust providesaguide for us. VASS continuously applies new educational methodologies with the latest facilities and text books. In addition, one of the important things that we care about is building students’ morality through cultural programs. These are important factors that built up the VASS brand over the last 9 years.

Established in 7/2005, VASS has been building and developing its school system at all levels for more than 500 students and also for nearly 4000 college students who are studying at VASS English.

With strengths in teaching and training at different levels, VASS English was established to meet the demands for learning English with high quality yet at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, VASS English is a prestigious English training center for students at the University of Law HCMC, Saigon College of Art Culture and Tourism and the International University.

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