Montessori – A comprehensive educational method

The program focuses on developing language ability (English), Mathematical awareness and physical sciences and skills. All the lessons are taught in English by expatriate teachers using the Montessori Method. This helps children to easily get along and develop their language ability naturally

The kindergarten program hinges on children’s comprehensive development in 5 domains including: Cognitive, Physical, Language, Social-emotional and Beauty.

The method is primarily based on regular practice for skill formation and talent development for each child, and has been applied successfully in 100 nations in the last 100 years.

This is a pedagogical method for children we use is based on the research and experience of Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and educator. This program is based on learning through the senses, which includes:

PRACTICAL LIFE: Children experience their first activities. Through these activities, children learn to protect themselves as well as to be more confident.

SENSORIAL: Helps children to explore the world around through the senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. This helps them to learn about independence, concentration, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-control and language development.

LANGUAGE: Children will learn a little each day and understand in depth because the initial language elements are the key to form their language later.

MATHEMATICS: Develop children’s scientific thinking by using specific objects to encourage them to repeat many times, which is very useful for their learning. Children get familiar with numbers; learn how to count and to compare.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Promote students’ sense of self-discovery as they learn the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHO and HOW of the world around them.

CULTURAL AND ARTISTIC: Help children to express themselves through creative activities such as storytelling, acting, performing, cooking, craft, singing and dancing

Moreover, VASS Kindergarten focuses on motor development games, picnics which help children to be healthy, agile, flexible and confident, and also to practice teamwork skills. These initial skills are very important to build children’s characteristics and behaviour.

For the rest of the time, children learn and practice English at school. These English lessons are designed for interest and are ordered by topics. Children learn through interesting activities such as singing, drawing, storytelling, watching films and through the use of the English Adventure 1 textbook.

VASS Kindergarten creates an environment where children can develop their abilities to the fullest. Parents should understand that the environment which applies Montessori Method is not the place for children to be served or to play only, but it follows a learning procedure to develop children’s natural abilities. Children are taught basic skills, which allows them to become involved in their own education from an early age without being bored or being forced. Therefore, children will have an enthusiasm for learning, which is the key for them to study in a real learning environment.

The educational goal of Montessori Method is to foster their passion for learning.

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