Training camp

I. General information:

Duration: 1 week

Location: playgrounds in Ho Chi Minh City


  • Specially designed for students who cannot join the Summer Camp
  • Help students experience real life situations
  • Provide students with a team work environment to build self dependence.
  • Practice living, interpersonal and team work skills

II. Detailed program

1. Tour around Kizciti

- Visit and play games around Kizciti

- Participate in job orienteering games:

  • Fireman
  • Stewardess
  • Pilot
  • Doctor, nurse
  • Police
  • Photographer

Some pictures:

2. Watching 3D film

  • Watching cartoons at cinemas
  • Having lunch at Lotteria
  • Join English clubs
  • Studying about traditional musical instruments
  • Karaoke contest

3. Play at Tini World

Participating in games at Tini World:

  • Fishing
  • Climbing
  • Building sandy houses
  • Ball house
  • Playing basketball
  • Playing water guns

4. Acting

  • How to choose topics, scripts and act
  • Buffet at Din Ky restaurant
  • Join the English club

Some pictures:

5. Tour around Dai Nam

  • Visit sightseeing places in Dai Nam
  • Visit zoo
  • Play games

6. Field trip to Vinh Sang (Vinh Long)

  • Join in games such as fishing, ostrich racing, grass sliding
  • Take boat tour to see natural sights.
  • Experience daily activities with local people

7. Street Art Festival and meeting with Danish Prince

Some pictures:

8. 1-week Summer Camp in the central Highlands

  • Visit Quang Trung Museum (Binh Dinh)
  • Visit Temple Pagoda (Hoi An)
  • Join some team building games
  • Visit Fantasy Park -  Ba Na Hills (Da Nang)

9. 1-week Summer Camp in Nha Trang

  • Play games at Phan Thiet beach
  • Watch puppet show at Vinpearl Land
  • Visit Aquarium Institution
  • Join Gala Dinner with many games and performances

10. 1-week Field trip in Da Lat

  • Climbing Langbiang mountain
  • Visit biological centre
  • Visit  vegetable preparation/packaging farm

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