1. Vietnamese Program: All subjects are regulated by Ministry of Education and Training.

2. English Program :

  • ESL
  • Mathematics
  • Physics/Chemistry
  • Geography
  • Information Technology
  • Japanese
  • Presentation and Play / Music

English: all lessons at VASS are being taught in English. All students who are not aiming to get an English qualifications join an English preparation course to start the school year successfully.

Maths: students will be prepared to an international Maths standardeg the IGCSE

Science: Physics/ Chemistry: the teaching programs follow USA and Uk standards in preparation for international exams.


Geography: encourages students’ to gain a broader knowledge of the world.

Information technology: helps students to understand how information technology is applied to life in a modern society.

Music: students are always encouraged to develop their talents. Music is an optional subject and especially designed for students with thatpassion and desire.

Extra activities: help students develop their talents, inspire them to explore, and create through clubs, sports, art, food, computer science and fieldtrips for environmental education.

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