Besides teaching and studying at an international standard school, VASS provides facilities for students living away from home.

The Primary to secondary level, boarding area at VASS is only 3 minute walk away for primary students  witha school bus for secondary students. This is a really convenient and safe facility for students.

The boarding facilities at VASS are separate for boys and girls and are built according to international standards with:

-  Spacious and safe rooms

-  Excellent facilities: air conditioning, cable TV, WiFi…

-  Separate canteen area

With the motto of Students’ home away from home”,boarding school students are taken care of by teachers with love and responsibility. Nurses, supervising teachers and head teachers with many years of experience understand child psychology.

In boarding school, there are specific programs to ensure students have orderly lives, study and recreation.

- Every night, there are teachers to review and help students to review the lessons in both Vietnamese and English

- Stafforganize sport activities (vovinam martial arts, shuttlecock…) at the end of the day

-  There are picnics and outdoor activities on weekends

  • Watching TV
  • Playing football
  • Visit bookstores
  • Visit SOS village.

- At the end of every term, students attend outdoor activities and go on picnics to socialise with each other

- Access to Hoan My Hospital is available when necessary.

Reasonable fee

The boarding school at VASS is a family of fellow students. Parents can feel assured that their children get along well with their friends. The experienced teaching staff are not only  part of a family but also professionals.


Boarding school students going on a picnic in TraVinh

Boarding school students on  apicnic at Dai Nam

Boarding school students going to the supermarket and visiting Ms. Principal

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