Summer is the best time to have a good break after a long school year. However, why don’t you try to do something interesting as well as study English?

VASS brought a great Summer Program to parents and students in 2014.

VASS Summer 2015 has equalVietnamese, and English programs together with physical activities like camping, hiking, cinema and entertainment such as magic shows and many more activities. Soft skills classes, physical education classes and self – care classes are also held.

By joining  theVASS Summer Program 2015, students will gain new experiences, study with modern teaching methods, and practice and apply their knowledge in a bilingual environment . We have been using these programs for 9 years to help students feel confident; improve English, as well as knowledge for their future.

VASS Summer Program 2015 includes 6 main activities:

1/ VASS Happy Week:

Children can join 1-week free course with 100% of native teachers, with theme “Try 1 week, upgrade level twice”. Lessons are designed with CLIL method – study English along with other subjects. Students can gain new knowledge inMaths, Science through English.

Classes are opened on Monday – Wednesday – Friday or Tuesday – Thursday mornings.

2/ VASS Summer Camp

VASS held a field trip to GiangDien Waterfall. On 27th June 2015, students were guided to set up camp site, play games and experience a magical show and scout skills with the theme “Magical English”. Students were trained in public speaking and some living skills to help gain confident.

3/ VASS Cool Day:

VASS presented a very interesting event to parents and children called “Exciting Summer” on 11th July 2015. Students experienced trial Cambridge tests for Starters, Movers and Flyers. They also had fun with Sido clown, learned how to paint, and drew pictures of their own favorite themes.Students alsolearned listening skills and some basic conversation skills by watching cartoons.

4/ VASS Movies and food:

On 25th July 2015, VASS brought to students an excitingevent at Cinebox. At the end of the event, they studied educational lessons from films and characters that helped them feel confident to present their opinions in front of the audience . Finally, they enjoyed food at Lotteria fast food restaurant. This event wasa highlight for many students.

5/ VASS Outing Trips:

From 30th June to 5th July 2015, VASS gave all students a great chance to explore the“Wild Central Highlands”. Children experienced community life, social activities, a camp fire and study of some kinds of jungle animals and plants. Being on their own  helped children feel confident and more sociable.

6/ VASS Summer Course:

“Bilingual summer, grow up with VASSwas held from 16th June to 1st August 2015. Children learned Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills by participating in activities. Furthermore, they revised and updated knowledge, experienced the sorts of  things that VASS has been applying for the last 9 years. For further information, please click here.

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