Nanotechnology under INOMAR'S microscope
Nanotechnology under INOMAR'S microscope
Thứ tư, ngày 8 tháng 11 năm 2017

"Nanotechnology is an area of Science that deals with developing and producing extremely small tools and machines by controlling the arrangement of atoms". It's a modern field in Science and Technology which is being applied in making small but strong and efficient  products.

In our VASS school grade 11 students study Nanotechnology as a part of 21st century Science. For more practical knowledge and to understand the Research work in this field we planned to visit INOMAR Center, the branch of Vietnam National University.

We were welcomed by Director of INOMAR - The center for Innovative Materials and Architectures. It was followed by the presentations on new inventions in this field by three of the PhD students.

We also visited the laboratory where they conduct experiments and we got see the modern equipments.

The visit was an eye opening for the newest technology. Students can pursue higher level studies in this field in our own Ho Chi Minh city.

The visit was very motivational for our students to do their future studies in the field of Science.







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